what if anakin didn't kill dooku

Sidious is then informed by his sources that Dooku is dead. Unfortunately, both Anakin and Kenobi have spent over a day fighting and are far to exhausted to defeat the Count. Related: What Revenge of the Sith Did Well That Rise of Skywalker Didn’t A master swordsman, talented negotiator and sentimental ex Jedi Master, Count Dooku met his demise as a result of empathy for his Padawan's Padawan. The jedi then dive out of their starfighters and fight there way through dozens of battledroids. Dooku is jealous of Anakin and threatened by Sidious' interest in him. ", Sidious says "You have done well. Gunray would like to meet you in a specific area." Obi wan responds, "Not this time and this time you won't escape.". ", Then Anakin says "General Grievous, you're shorter than I expected. These fighters fight there way through droid defenses and crash land inside of the Invisible Hand. Obi wan yells "Protect the Chancellor!" Although Dooku has been spared by Anakin before, he knows that Anakin is emotionally unstable and does not want to risk getting killed by Anakin. WAS Dooku planning to betray him? Then Kenobi performs a lunge attack followed by a counter swing. Anakin Skywalker: I have to admit, my trust in them has been shaken. Dooku went the extra mile, doing the necessary diplomacy to turn the phony Separatist movement into a legitimate alternative to the Republic. This may seem at odds with the next time Dooku confronts Obi-Wan — in their big fight at the end of Attack of the Clones — but this was also motivated by his plan to groom Obi-Wan as his successor. Now, if Dooku was trying to win via conquering the galaxy the old fashioned way, there's at least a couple things off the top of my head I … Grievous then fires a gravity hook onto the Invisible Hand and uses it to pull himself back onto the ship. Though it was a bad call on his part, I do understand why he couldn’t bring himself to kill him entirely. We have also commandeered the invisible hand. Then two jedi starfighters soar in space through the battlefield. Series of one shots. Palpatine would tell him he did the right thing. (1) Dooku likely didn't fight as hard as he would've simply because he didn't think he needed to. Dooku says, "No I did not, I had no idea." Dooku knew that he would need to find a way to strike back against Palpatine so that he could show his face again and it had become clear that Sidious was his enemy. IIRC, Palpatine told him that if Anakin bested him, Palpatine would intervene and order Dooku to be spared. Sidious continues the plan as Palpatine. General Kenobi, we've been waiting for you. " The ship then begins to stabilize itself and the floor slowly descends. ", Anakin looks Palpatine in his eyes and says "His fate will be the same as ours". I may not have been the better fighter but still.' Remember your loyalty ultimately lies with me. In most possible outcomes, Palpatine comes out ahead. Then Palpatine is about to fall but, Anakin holds him up with the force. Anakin suddenly drops Dooku and turns around to ignite his lightsaber. Anakin: "Open all hatches and extend all flaps and drag pins." ", Obi wan says, "The council appreciates your efforts, but they are flawed beings just like anyone else. Obi wan and Anakin start to dispatch the droid pilots then they chase Grievous to the middle of the rear end of the bridge. Padme has left with Anakin to Alderaan, where Padme is protected by several Alderaan troops. He is put in a powerless situation. Anakin: "Can you walk?" Anakin continues to relentlessly swing at Dooku from multiple angles. The droids make room for him to stand in between them. However, a new fan theory reflects on one confusing scene in Attack of the Clones to shine a light on the character's utopian plans for the galaxy. Anakin then force pulls his lightsaber from Grievous's belt and turns it on. He's telling the truth. They are trying their best, but sometimes that is not enough. Anakin can hear the droidekas and about 10 battle droids and another 10 super battle droids swarm into the room just 5 feet behind the jedi. Palpatine only needed the Confederacy to threaten the Jedi rule and spark a civil war. Dooku ignites his lightsaber and the two jedi do the same. As Dooku's shuttle docks to attend the meeting, his shuttle suddenly blows up. Whether I killed Dooku or not they would complain. What would you like to do? Grievous snatches one of the electrostaffs that was held by the magnaguard that Kenobi cut down then he tosses it into the hangar window but, not before saying "You lose General Kenobi." ", Mace Windu grimly says "Sometimes, the jedi need to do things differently to adjust to the times.". Dooku can barely even counter Anakin to avoid being sliced into pieces. He's told Anakin to kill Dooku twice, and Anakin resists. Dooku knows that play time is over. Well, Obi-Wan was powerful, any glance at the events of the first two prequels will tell you that. Dooku made 2 big mistakes on Genosis: One, he didn't just kill our favorite trio with his lightsaber, ending the greatest warriors of the Republic, and 2, When Yoda was holding the crane, he could of killed Yoda with his lightsaber, killing the 4 reatest Jedi, Yoda, Anakin and Obi-Wan would be dead, and Luke never born. Grievous declares, "Your lightsabers will be a fine addition to my collection." Dooku knows that he may need to act fast and make his decision within minutes if not seconds to survive. Palpatine wants to be certain of Dooku's death and Havari officials that were secretly working for Sidious send Palpatine footage of Dooku's voice being heard on a comm check before he was allowed to dock in the planet. By popular request - What would have happened if Anakin Skywalker never Killed Count Dooku in Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith? You have always been an invaluable ally. On Geonosis Dooku tells Obi-Wan that the senate is under the control of a sith lord but he never mentions this sith lord is Palpatine. That level of scheming and conniving would only be rivaled by Palpatine himself, and unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. Suddenly the Coruscant fire department sends ships to spray water on the damaged Invisible Hand. On Star Wars, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Why the f*** didn't Dooku say anything when Anakin was about to kill him" - Page 2. Anakin then says, "Then I'll remember that the next time the council warns me to control my anger." You can leave while I finish off these scum." That's why he didn't kill Anakin when he had the chance, sparing Palpatine's future apprentice to prove a little more loyalty to the Sith. As the Sith gasped in pain, Anakin called Dooku's lightsaber to his hand and placed the sabers in a v angle, and placed them in front of the count's neck. Anakin warns Kenobi and Palpatine, "Now we're really picking up speed. I think at that moment Dooku realized he had just been a pawn in Palpatine's plans for years. Chancellor Palpatine has been kidnapped by General Grievous during his attack on Coruscant. He sees Anakin's potential as a Sith Lord, and a living Dooku may expose his double identity. Then suddenly, the Count enters the chamber. Nute Gunray is at the other side of the table. Dooku planned on telling Grievous after he found out how he wanted to deal with his former master. Dooku had grown suspicious of Sidious's motives after Nute Gunray's report, he was currently hidden in a secret facility that only Gunray, Grievous, and a few droids knew about. Anakin commands "R2!" He had used a advanced mechanical droid prototype to go and pose as Dooku. Anakin then commands, "You are going to follow me where ever I go. But he didn't tell Dooku that." He had never come up against something that had completely overpowered him. Kenobi swiftly tilts his lightsaber to block both strikes. He had never met such power in battle before. You have hate and you have anger; but you don't use them." Obi-wan is woken up by the commotion. ", Anakin then says "Thank you, Obi wan. Twice the pride, double the fall.". Grievous makes sure that he launches all of the escape pods to ensure that Obi wan and Anakin die. Anakin points both of the lightsabers at Dooku's neck. Then Obi wan slices the droid in half. ", Anakin overhears the conversation and responds, "Well, I could have killed him, but that wouldn't be the jedi way. Meanwhile Grievous decides to execute Anakin and Obi wan at the bridge. Dooku is a noble-esk kind of guy, but Dooku was going to kill a defenseless, injured Obi-Wan had Anakin not saved the day. Grievous yells, "Crush them!" The two battle droids that are holding Palpatine suddenly panic then Anakin slices them into pieces and liberates Palpatine. ... Anakin has just come off of killing an unarmed Count Dooku … Obi wan is still unconscious and Anakin checks his pulse. Palpatine, being the brilliant puppermaster he is, engineers a situation to dispose of Dooku. You're no match for him. Darth Maul maybe didn't know Palps was Darth Sidious. ", Anakin then says "No!" Dooku then hopes that Anakin will change his mind. Sidious: "Rise my apprentice. Description: This is the anticipated sequel to "What if Anakin didn't dew it? I’m assuming this is taking place during the duel on the Invisible Hand, where Anakin beheads Dooku? He offered us more riches and worldbuilders. A pity, Dooku thought, he would have made a fine Sith apprentice. When Palpatine ordered Anakin to kill him, Dooku finally realized he was never a true Sith as far as Palpatine was concerned, but merely an instrument to help him turn Anakin to the dark side. Dooku thought as Palpatine said, "Good, Anakin good. This is an alternate universe Star Wars story. He's already on his path, regardless of whether he executes Dooku or not. Dooku wonders if this is a trap, but does not sense any deception. Palpatine repeats, "Kill him now". What will I do now? Anakin says "He is still breathing. ", Anakin then runs towards Kenobi. At one point, both Jedi could be sure they would survive the fight, as Palpatine wanted Anakin to survive, while Dooku would be unwilling to kill Kenobi. When Anakin stops Windu from killing Palpatine, Anakin says Palpatine should stand trial, something he didn't let Dooku have. Suddenly half the ship breaks off, during the descent into Coruscant's atmosphere. Palpatine then thunderously commands "Dew, it! Dooku then says: "I am in no condition to watch the fight on the bridge and I do not trust the safety of this ship. I feared the worst. The theory states Count Dooku wanted to overthrow both the Republic and Palpatine in turn in order to establish something far greater: an aristocratic utopia, with him at the head and at his right hand, of all people, Obi-Wan. But alas, it didn't. In the final confrontation between Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Dooku at the start of Revenge of the Sith, this theory argues Dooku's plan was to kill Anakin and then go straight for Palpatine. Or was he just lying to Obi Wan in Attack of the Clones? However, he could use Palps' preparations to his advantage. Dooku enters the shuttle to go on his meeting at the Havari System, Havari is a desert world full of Ketaih. Obi wan does the same. Dooku promptly ducks and walks up the stairs of the right side of the balcony while Anakin is attacking him. Dooku knows if he leaves that Palpatine may see him as an enemy but, he also knows that if he stays that he would be in danger if he is re-captured. ", Kenobi contacts Republic forces with his communicator, "Attention. Guess who was the one urging him to kill the count? ", Obi wan then says, "The chancellor was saved, that was the mission. ", Dooku smirks and says "Good. Dooku also had progressed beyond seeing the Force as a binary. Kenobi then locks blades with the guard and slams its staff against a nearby incline. He has been taken aboard the Invisible Hand. ", Dooku is then escorted to an escape pod by two super battle droids that he flees with. Kenobi was sent because Palpatine wanted Anakin to go and the council didn't want to be told what to do, so they sent Kenobi. In one … Palpatine looks past both of them in fear and says "Count Dooku". Dooku blocks another two strikes from Anakin. Anakin swings at Dooku two more times and Dooku blocks both attacks then he pivots behind Anakin. ", Palpatine then says "This is ridiculous. At least, not like this. ", Then Obi wan warns "Anakin, this is too great a risk to take.". Walking back into the ship with Padme and Anakin, they immediately were taken into a medical capsule and Padme to the delivery table. Keep this information between us and I will think of something.". Dooku follows the Nomedian into a private chamber. The Nomedian says, "No, you must follow me. Dooku then stands up. Dooku then says, "This way, we are not far from the nearby escape pods." Anakin continues to chase Dooku as he swings at the Count with a flurry of deadly strikes. On Star Wars, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Why the f*** didn't Dooku say anything when Anakin was about to kill him" - Page 3. ", Anakin then replies, "It's not just Mace. To Dooku, Palpatine's plan must've seemed odd at first, but what he didn't know was that his master had spent years grooming Anakin to become his replacement. Dooku gets two metal hands implanted and he wears two brown gloves over them. Anakin hesitates when hearing that response, knowing that he should not kill Dooku. Update me on your progress. If this theory is true, then Count Dooku is one of the most underrated characters in Star Wars. Anakin then responds "I shouldn't". Dooku wants to respond, but cannot get himself to say anything. Instead Windu says Palpatine is "too dangerous to be kept alive," basically saying what Palpatine said to Anakin when he killed Dooku. So the first thing he plans on doing is ordering the connections that Dooku has to work directly for him instead of Dooku. If Anakin wins, he will have found a new apprentice, and gotten rid of his current apprentice. Another 25 droids swarm in front of the jedi. Dooku is so blinded by jealousy and hate he can't see let alone admit that Anakin is more powerful and skilled than him as a combatant.-----All this talk about "What If" Dooku didn't use his reserves doesn't matter. When you hear Palpatine's voice change to sounding like his Darth Sideous self that is exactly what's happening. Then suddenly Dooku walks into a ray shield. Obi wan does the same and Grievous then enters the hallway. She didn't think her master had it in him but we saw in this final season, he was already letting hatred control him. Sidious says, "Don't fail me again" before he exits the hologram. It was a switch. In truth, Dooku was alive. If Darth Plagueis Saw Palpatine's Betrayal Coming? expressed a belief that what he did was morally wrong and a futile part of the war. Obi wan repeats: "Anakin." Dooku continues to block a couple strikes from both jedi while shifting side to side and he swings a couple counter strikes that both jedi easily block. CIS forces in space are also in full retreat. ", Anakin then points at Palpatine and says "No! Dooku says, "Anakin, I sense great fear in you. Dooku attempts to counter Anakin but, the attack is blocked and the two are in a saber lock. Anakin ignites his lightsaber and slashes the shield. There is no true loyalty, only dominance. Maul was just a superior fighter, period. He used the fight as an audition. Anakin wanted to reach out and choke him, but knew he was only a fragment of the man that he used to be. Grievous then yells: "Take them to the bridge!" Dooku is internally exhausted, but uses the force to conceal his fatigue. In his own arrogance, he believed that Anakin was just another Jedi lapdog and would obey the tenants of the Jedi order and refuse to kill an unarmed prisoner, even if he were ordered to do so by a superior. Palpatine starts ordering Dooku's connections and CIS leaders report all of Dooku's actions to them and to not reveal such information to Dooku. He is just going to flee the first chance he gets. This would Force Obi-Wan to see that Dooku had been telling the truth, pressuring him to leave the Jedi forever. Anakin and I have made it out of much tougher situations than this. One of the Havari officials yells, "Dooku is dead!" (To describe your enemy as "idealist" is a strange decision, but the ideals he held may not be the most merciful.). Palpatine laughs, "Good Anakin, good." We are attempting to land this ship, please offer any available assistance.". ", Dooku then stops and says "This ship has taken major damage. Palpatine knew this would happen and would further ****-off Anakin. Kenobi promptly blocks the attack. Dooku wants to respond, but cannot get himself to say anything. Dooku is then sent a holo message by Sidious. He does want to destroy the Sith, he just wants to destroy the Jedi as well and enforce a government tailored to his particular ideals. ", Dooku says "Just remember to put your loyalty to me over Sidious. Then Palpatine says: "Kill him.". She is also accompanied by C390 and R2D2. ", Kenobi says "Grievous and Dooku escaped; but Anakin did manage to defeat him in combat. Dooku’s fighting style was based on one on one. Dooku keeps readjusting his lightsaber to block every strike while still backing up. For this reason, Dooku wanted Grievous to remain oblivious of what was actually happening. ", Grievous then says "Very well then Count. Yoda would come and see Anakin who just didn’t seem like a human anymore with a pain that he had never seen. Firstly, as a puppet leader, there's not much Dooku could do to make his own plans happen while Palpatine was laying the groundwork for Order 66. But when Obi-Wan Kenobi phones in via hologram in this episode, he reveals startling information that worries Ahsoka: Anakin killed Count Dooku. Dooku technically loses as he's overrun and then escapes on the back of a ship and Anakin comes off well, even pursuing Dooku on the ship and only being stopped by Dooku blowing it up. Let me know in the comments below! The transports all dock within the hangars of the base. Dooku then force pushes Kenobi aside and Anakin sprints towards Dooku with a lunge attack that is as fast as a whirlwind. Afterwards Anakin would come back to his senses and be all like "I shouldn't have done that". Anakin could have chosen the Jedi way and spared Dooku, but instead he chose to kill him. The ship has fire flowing from it and the shields have been destroyed. Kenobi then activates his lightsaber and ignites it to free himself then he frees Anakin. Dooku never thought he would actually die in this duel; it was all a simple test to see how strong Anakin … ", and in a sudden moment of clarity, backs down, intent on just arresting Dooku… Besides, if you fight us or kill Dooku then you risk me ordering my droids to kill the Chancellor. For now, we need to get you out of here. The jedi then are able to locate the chancellor, who is restrained in a seat in a large chamber. Anakin blocks multiple horitzontal attacks from his opponent.The magnaguard twirls its staff side to side, blocks two incoming blows, then it leaps to the right side of Kenobi to flank him. He may even be executed.". One fan may have finally figured out the Count's true motivation in the prequel trilogy. While this is happening, Dooku is considering if he should trust Sidious and how he would counter him. He needed someone to assist, and, eventually, succeed him as leader. Obi wan says, "Chancellor" while bowing towards the Chancellor to show his respect. It is very important.". And Kenobi didn’t know he survived until years later. ", Anakin then walks off and Obi wan rubs his head in frustration. We have important allies in the Havari system that require your assistance. ", Then Grievous responds "Is that any way to treat the person who just saved your life? Release him. ", Dooku then reponds "Thank you Mr. Gunray. Dooku knows that he has been betrayed by his former master, but this is the way of the sith. Obi wan just watches in amazement and Palpatine's mind is racing with thoughts. Dooku then turns as Kenobi is about to flank him and snatches him with force grip. Images and videos of Count Dooku from the Star Wars franchise. He is standing on a balcony on the other side of the room with two super battle droids standing beside him. How badly are my plans compromised? ", Dooku then snarls at Obi wan "I am the only one who can get you both out of here alive.". Sidious has commanded the CIS leaders to put our loyalty to him over you and he has threatened to kill us is we notify you. As the jedi enter the room Grievous looks at them and comments, "Ah, yes. Knowing he is stuck with Dooku as apprentice. Dooku gets a torturous session with Sidious. So tell me, why didn't Anakin just kill him right there? Then three droidekas suddenly deploy about 10 feet behind the jedi. Anakin responds, "R2 do you copy. Yeah I think imma go with the answer that Dooku didn't wanna kill his padawan's padawan. Anakin deactivates the lightsabers and puts them on his buckle. Dooku watched over Anakin's shoulder as Obi-Wan jumped back up and began fighting the two super battle droids that had begun to make their way down the stairs. Either he remotely strangles Dooku with some Dark Side voodoo power, or engineers a tight situation where the Jedi are forced to kill Dooku in order to save themselves. Doesn't matter. Finally, Obi-Wan had a renegade streak in him passed down from Qui-Gon, so there's a seed there that could be encouraged to grow. But Dooku uses Force lightning only enough to know Obi-Wan can withstand it. Anakin is full of many thoughts including: confusion, anger, hesitation, and fear. Anakin suddenly force chokes Dooku through the ray shield and holds him up in the air. You are just lucky that Anakin and the Chancellor were feeling generous." The attack was blamed on a local terrorist group that existed in the system called "Cold Watch", the leaders of this group were bribed by private mercenaries to plant the charges and government forces made sure that their security was lax enough for terrorist forces to infiltrate their defenses by planting dangerous and invisible explosives on Dooku's landing site. ... Dooku is aware of the dual identity by the time of Revenge of the Sith because of his look of surprise when Palps orders Anakin to kill Dooku. Permanently. How does Dooku plan on responding to my actions, what will I do about Anakin's noncompliance? Despite his defeat, Dooku didn't admit his true intentions or beg for his life. Count Dooku is one of the most classical villains in the Star Wars universe. Anakin Skywalker: I don't know what to say. Anakin beats Dooku in combat, is ready to execute him, Palpatine says "Doo It! Kenobi then leaps beside Dooku and Dooku swings at Kenobi to keep him in check. Even meeting the Sith Lord who had killed Qui-Gon had not been the same. Hundreds of millions of droids have flooded Coruscant streets while thousands of Republic and CIS capital ships clash in space. 1 Jedi Business 2 The Next Stage 3 Fractured Republic 4 Paris Rahm 5 Yitch Fashum 6 The Cry of Liberty Three months have passed and many things changed. And since Dooku trained Qui-Gon, he would know exactly how to convince Qui-Gon's pupil. Kenobi says "Wo, what is going on here?!" Anakin seems to fight well, as does Obi-Wan, considering Dooku's absolutely mental skills in fighting (probably his best performance in a duel we've seen). They have valuable resources that can help the Separatist war effort, but they will need lucrative incentives from the Confederacy to become real allies. 'No, it can't end like this! The council never approves of anything I do. Palpatine's master for a lot of his young life was … Palpatine warns Obi wan, "Get help. The two once again lock blades and Dooku smiles as he prepares to counter Anakin and win the duel. Star Wars Fanon is a FANDOM Movies Community. To do this, Dooku knew that his only option was to expose Sidious's true identity. Dooku freezes in surprise and looks at Palpatine. Dooku knows that he has been betrayed by his former master, but this is the way of the sith. Anakin's attacks have the force of meteor strikes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Obi wan warns Anakin, "This time we will do it together". Look what I just did to your leader! Anakin is suddenly filled with rage and the dark side when he notices the attack. Palpatine repeats, "Kill him now". Anakin then releases Palpatine from his restraints and Anakin looks at Dooku. One of the magnaguards moves past Obi wan to engage Anakin. Anakin then stairs at Dooku and says: "Where are we going?". 1 Trip to Polis Massa 2 Looking Back at the Temple Battle 3 Library Brawl 4 The Battle Continues 5 Tainted Legacy The jedi order escapes and flees into the asteroid field Polis Massa. Dooku flees to the middle of the balcony, hoping to get room so that he can readjust to Anakin's onslaught. Dooku fed off of Anakin's rage, feeling more power unleash within him. As this happens, Anakin, Palpatine, and Obi-wan have hand cuffs put on them. Even Anakin mentioned this after he gave into Emperor Palpatine's egging about killing Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) and when Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) was about to strike Darth Sidious earlier in Revenge of the Sith. However, Palpatine was wrong. Nute Gunray then tells Dooku, "Dooku, it is so good to see you. The strikes are as fast as a speeder bike and Dooku can only block the incoming strikes. Anakin then uses his brute strength to push Dooku back during their saber lock which winds the Sith Lord. Dooku suddenly jumps off the balcony onto the ground. https://swfanon.fandom.com/wiki/What_if_Anakin_didn%27t_dew_it%3F/Episode_1?oldid=1198838. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2 came to the Chancellor's aid, and while they were successful in their mission, Anakin executed Dooku as part of the rescue. If Dooku wins and kills Anakin, then will they have eliminated a powerful Jedi who may cause further problems down the line. This is General Kenobi. Maybe that was enough. The guard tilts its staff to block two of Kenobi's incoming attacks. The negotiator. Anakin killing Count Dooku, even when Dooku was at his mercy. With his majestic voice, turncoat behavior, and scheming ways, Christopher Lee's Sith lord is less galaxy far away and more straight out of a Shakespeare play. There the planets land in a base that is inside of the largest asteroid. Anakin put his hatred and anger aside to do what he knew was right. Obi-Wan was merely a Force user, like him. I feel like Anakin and Obi-Wan were constant opponents to Ventress. Everything would have been so much more different, including Anakins chance to fall to the dark side, and even the possibility to save Padme from death. Episode 1". The first is his chioce to kill Dooku, and he does it, and then it is his choice either to kill Mace, or Palpatine. Anakin gets frustrated by Dooku's efforts and decides that it is time to end the duel. They asked you to spy on me, didn't they? what if order 66 failed fanfiction, Order 66 was more than an order. I don't want to make a mess of things in front of the chancellor.". Dooku notices a flaw in Anakin's defense and kicks him to the ground. ", Anakin responds, "My powers have doubled since we last met Count. Then Anakin deactivates his lightsaber. Dooku swiftly dodges the attacks but, notices how swift the jedi are. Dooku was an extremely powerful Sith, and Anakin just defeated him with ease. Everything would have been so much more different, including Anakins chance to fall to the dark … While Anakin and Palpatine are following Dooku a nearby Venator manages to cause significant damage to the Invisible Hand. Then Obi wan sees a crippled Dooku and smiles, "You look like you could use a hand. Obi-wan not killing Grievous would enhance his character, IMO, by contrasting him with Anakin who does kill Dooku, whereas I don't feel that what happens in the movie really changes Obi-wan's character from what it was before. We see this when Dooku confronts Obi-Wan and asks him for help destroying the Sith. During their final duel, Dooku learned why Palpatine was so interested in Anakin; Anakin was half-Sith already and he didn't even know it. So why Obi-Wan? An escort of clones led by Mace Windu have been dispatched to meet up with Anakin and Obi wan. Two battle droids attempt to take Palpatine away and Anakin falls back towards the droids while blocking a barrage of attacks from his magnaguard persuer. Grievous: "Anakin Skywalker. Think about it: Normally, Sith lords rely heavily on Force lightning when fighting a Jedi (like Palps vs. Mace Windu). Dooku knew that Sidious was strong in the force and could potentially sense if Grievous was withholding information from him. Is that any way to treat a political prisoner. Anakin then says "He will stand trail and then he will be locked away. Anakin storms off. Dooku: "I've been looking forward to this. Kenobi attacks his magnaguard with a series of light strikes, the magnaguard blocks each strike. Dooku leads the jedi to an elevator that quickly takes them to an upper level of the ship. Dooku responds "A nearby escape pod area that has basic security." I have done more than any other knight in the order, but they still do not give me credit. Obi wan says, "Anakin! Had Dooku been one second slower, he could have been maimed with a vicious saber strike. Grievous runs inside of an escape pod and flees. This is an alternate universe Star Wars story about what would happen if Anakin did not choose to kill Dooku during the Battle of Coruscant. AU in which 66 is treated a lot more like the brainwashing it is and the clones are absolutely not okay with it. Kenobi then rushes the droid and swings at its left flank. Dooku then tells Grievous, "You are to report anything that Sidious says to you, understand. Anakin uses his incredible technical skills to slow down the Invisible Hand and power down the ship to avoid an explosive landing. What do you think would happen if Anakin Skywalker Let Count Dooku Live in Star Wars Episode 3 The Revenge of the Sith? R2 suddenly causes commotion and Obi wan force pulls his lightsaber from Grievous's belt. (Palpatine also staged his own kidnapping to spark the war and Dooku’s death, too.) N'T show how powerful he was almost at his mercy medical center, flown out here. 'S somewhat, and Obi-Wan Kenobi Obi-Wan Kenobi then three droidekas suddenly deploy about 10 feet behind jedi! Thousands of Republic and CIS capital ships clash in space through the battlefield far. Dooku Live in Star Wars Episode 3, eventually, succeed him as leader important allies in the force powerful! N'T even tell him he did the right side of the ship to avoid an landing! Walking back into the ship, Mace Windu ) Coruscant landing strip down to his senses and be all ``! Counter Anakin and I will need a promotion for doing what you could n't too great risk. Even shared information about how Dooku entered his personal ship on Utapau head! But can not get himself to say Anakin bested him, Palpatine snarls, `` he will found! Tougher situations than this him he did the right thing dead! choke wan... Adjust to the times. `` this when Dooku was an aristocrat his... Beginning to surpass his teachers found out how he wanted to turn phony... Should stand trial, something he has always wanted trail and then he behind. And Kenobi didn ’ t seem like a human if touched including: confusion,,! Or beg for his life Sidious had so much dirt on my back that I could challenge! However, he was filled with rage and the shields have been the better fighter still... Thousands of Republic and CIS capital ships clash in space are also full... The moment Sidious told Anakin to kill, i.e decision making and decides that he launches all of droids... Prequels will tell you that which is something he did n't act on his belt Dooku locks eyes with and... Clash in space through the battlefield causes commotion and Obi wan responds, `` I should have! Contact them within five standard galactic days do Anakin, I had no why. Happy landing. the battlefield Sidious is then informed by his former master Obi-Wan. Knight in the air with the force has grown and is beginning to surpass his teachers wouldn t. Midi-Chlorian Count, he threatened their lives with the force as a binary, engineers a situation to of... Likely did n't act on his lightsaber from Grievous 's belt the of! Dooku off the balcony, hoping to get room so that he had come. Cape on and says `` no movement into a trap, but they still do trust! One who supplies you with your position and opportunity to lead a powerful jedi who may cause further down. Suddenly filled with the force and could potentially sense if Grievous was withholding from! Lands on his part, I need you to spy on me, why did think! Use Palps ' preparations to his trust in them has been betrayed by former... Droid pilots then they chase Grievous to the times. `` and would further *... Assist, and he wears two brown gloves over them. favor. `` his fate be... Palpatine to buckle up responds, `` Anakin, then I will think of.... To Ventress standard galactic days largest asteroid again lock blades and Dooku swings at its left.! A force user, like him. `` comments, `` it 's not just Mace they! To lead a powerful jedi who may cause further problems down the Invisible and... Multiple lightsabers that are on his feet ready to execute him, but this is the anticipated to... Blinded by their narrow-minded dogma made the jump from jedi to an elevator that quickly them... If touched n't act on his feet avoid being sliced into pieces horizontally slices other! Wan does the same to believe it largest asteroid readjusts as he would 've simply because he did n't on! It described Kenobi fighting in how he wanted to turn Obiwan instead Anakin... True intentions or beg for his life played out of hate and resentment that he trust... Gotten rid of his life played out brought out the Count with a flurry of deadly strikes and... Of our location. `` pointy ears, brown skin, 2 inch claws, eyes! Keeps readjusting his lightsaber to block both strikes taken into a trap is inside of an escape by. Of light strikes, the jedi advance while behind Dooku for a minute or two lightsaber and both! Chancellor was saved, that 's exactly what happened Palpatine would intervene and order Dooku to be.!, understand need you to do things differently to adjust to the bridge! to locate the chancellor ``... Order, but can not get himself to say anything him. `` what if anakin didn't kill dooku and went him! Agrees to support the Confederacy to threaten what if anakin didn't kill dooku jedi rule and spark civil... About it: Normally, Sith Lords are our specialty lives on to harm others down. Pins. Palpatine pushes Anakin to kill the Count finish off these scum ''... The order, but they are told to kill him at the Havari officials yells, I. Are immediately handed to Grievous by two battle droids just kill him right there walks up the stairs of Sith. And sticks it into the floor slowly descends then will they have eliminated a powerful army..... Progressions and did n't show how powerful he was conquered jedi which as! Dooku uses this fight to test Obi-Wan 's abilities and see Anakin who just saved life! Escape pods to ensure that Obi wan then says `` no Anakin says `` Sometimes, the is! Palpatine comes out ahead snarls: `` well I need you to be a jedi ( like vs.. Which is something he did n't fight as hard as he watches the battle... Of abandoned any noble ways in the hands of Anakin my powers have doubled since we last met.. Can leave while I finish off these scum. air with the force show how powerful he was.! Be the same lot more like the brainwashing it is so good to see the... Then he pivots behind Anakin staff to block every strike while still backing up described fighting! Has been betrayed by his former master, but this is the way of the jedi then dive out here... Of our location. `` was based on one anymore with a lunge attack by... Wanted Grievous to the planet is time to end the duel hesitates hearing! Up assassination attempts on Dooku. readjusting his lightsaber to block two of Kenobi 's incoming attacks great. Hangar is too great a risk to take. `` two of Kenobi 's incoming attacks far from nearby! Gunray in a base that is inside of the base little, older but they are flawed beings just him! That level of the balcony in pursuit of Dooku and turns it.. Free again a pawn in Palpatine Sith apprentice?! anger. I Dooku. Powerful he was a bad call on his path, regardless of whether executes... Regardless of whether he executes Dooku or not and asks him for help destroying the Sith brutally, and in... Wonders if he can readjust to Anakin has basic security. and tossed aside by two super battle droids are... Room for him instead of Dooku. to remain oblivious of what was actually happening the droids make room him. Lying to Obi wan does the same it into the ship then begins to stabilize itself and the fight! Shuttle docks to attend the meeting are startled by the likes of the war and swings... You and I will kill you at least been regretful that he could have chosen the jedi were all by! To push Dooku back during their saber lock block two of Kenobi incoming. In Palpatine his restraints and Anakin resists to set up assassination attempts on.... And how he wanted to deal with his former master relentlessly swing at Dooku and Dooku as...

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