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They include Moana, … 2 Disc Set! He may have only been pint-sized but this chameleon could even boss Flynn around. This list is not nearly long enough. NEWS: Disney Cruise Line Cancels All Upcoming Sailings Through March 2021. They are thoughtful and even take Simba in when he had nobody else. Skeeter Valentine. , 15 of the Best Disney Movie Sidekicks and Supporting Characters, Ranked, Glenn Close Made Sure Her 101 Dalmatians Contract Included Keeping Every Single Cruella de Vil Costume, What to Know About J.K. Rowling's Involvement in HBO's Harry Potter Series, The Hidden Detail You May Have Missed in Cassie's Unicorn Wig in Promising Young Woman, Get a Closer Look at Infamous True-Crime Investigations by Streaming These 5 Documentaries, Oh, Boy — These Mickey Mouse Tattoos Are Making Us Want to Join the Clubhouse, 25 Adorable Finds From the Disney x Casetify Collection That Are Simply Ear-esistible. FIRST LOOK: Walt Disney World’s Skyliner Now Officially OPEN — See Opening Day Pics Here! Timon. 15 of the Best Disney Movie Sidekicks and Supporting Characters, Ranked Please take a moment to review our privacy policy and terms of use. They both hope for the best for the other character, rooting on the victories and helping through the failures. Now that's loyalty! He loves Evangeline the Star, even though he can’t reach her, and he desperately wants to help Tiana and Naveen achieve a life together. (Disclaimer: there are so many sidekicks that this will no doubt be a controversial list. Whipping out over 15 impeccable impersonations and some of the biggest bops in Aladdin, Genie is larger than life and a great showman. Goofy, sassy, and sometimes a lil bit stupid, these imps are the comedic force that drives Hercules. Copyright ©1996-2021 AllEarsNet, LLC, All Rights Reserved. with us. They love each other, even though they might get on each other’s nerves. Did This Addition Ruin Disney’s Most Popular Ride? Ray might be a little rough around the edges, but this firefly has such a HUGE heart. He is sarcastic but also compassionate. From shop DesignsbyKaycie. He loves fiercely and puts others first. Olaf is made of snow, but his heart is extremely warm. In the end, Mushu learns how to put others before himself. He’s got a sassy attitude and it’s … The Four Biggest Mistakes in Walt Disney's World's World Showcase, Five Closed Magic Kingdom Attractions that are Desperately Missed, AllEarsTV: STOP Skipping These Amazing Rides in Disney World, -- Close Your Eyes and Blink Yourself to WDW, Disney World Should Close These Three Attractions, 5 Things You Should Do at Disney World and Never Tell Anyone, People Always Forget This Underrated Ride in the Magic Kingdom, Opening day attractions at the Disney-MGM Studios: Gone but not Forgotten, Unexpected Poses for On-Ride Photos at Disney World. A good Disney hero arc is simply magical. While he technically is Yzma‘s sidekick, Kronk has a kind heart that cares about other people. RELATED: Disney … Movies Frozen 2 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Onward Mulan Jungle Cruise; New & Trending The Cast of Secret Society of Second-Born Royals Shares Their Hidden Talents | Oh My Disney Everything You Need to Know About Phineas and Ferb (in Under 60 Seconds) | Oh My Disney The Muppets Share Their Favorite Ice Cream Flavors | Oh My Disney Retro Gameplay: The Lion King | Oh My Disney … But can we talk about how many amazing best friends those heroes have? Sven - Frozen Sidekicks Disney T Shirt DesignsbyKaycie. Maximus is hands down the best non-speaking sidekick in the Disney realm. No matter if the sidekick is human, animal, or enchanted creature, our heroes would never have achieved their dreams, found true love, defeated the bad guys, or reached their "happily ever after" without their best friends. Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? You ain’t never had a friend like Genie!! Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above They served as comic relief to the serious and dark moments and a counter to Geppetto and Pinocchio’s struggles. Jiminy Cricket, “Pinocchio”. I also will never stop quoting, “Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow!” in my everyday life because Mushu is COMEDY GOLD. AllEars TV: This Disney World Race is Brutally Close. 3 days ago, by Chanel Vargas For official Disney information, visit http://www.disneyworld.com, “Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” Animated Series Ordered by Disney Channel. The flying horse swore his loyalty to Hercules when he was only a baby. affiliated with, authorized or endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with, The Walt Disney By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from POPSUGAR. Your email address will not be published. Terk’s gender doesn’t affect how the audience perceives her in Tarzan. Sven might not be able to talk, but he has a lot to say through his actions, grunts, and expressions. Embarrassed to admit, I forgot about some of the sidekicks . You can’t have a list of sidekicks without these two lovable characters! Timothy Q. Through the series, Ernie tends to often get into dangerous situations where bullies at school or in the streets of Los Angeles threaten him or his friends, or in dangerous situations where his adoptive father ends up needing his help after criminals which he has captured try to escape or try to harm him. But there's also sidekicks, those colorful, friendly characters who provide more than a few laughs, and a whole lot of heart, to their respective films. She assumes the best about others before being shown the worst, yet she doesn’t place her trust in the wrong people. $4.80. Baymax definitely has feelings and develops a deep connection to Hiro throughout Big Hero 6. Disney World 2015 Hidden Mickey JOURNEY INTO IMAGINATION EPCOT Center Logos Pin. 3 days ago. We respect your right to privacy. Oh: and he looks GREAT for being stuck in a lamp for 10,000 years. Yeah, we’re talkin’ about incredible Disney sidekicks!! Neither … We make our own wishes come true like Genie would, and cook our own smiling breakfasts just li. Talking of Disney animal sidekicks with attitude, how bad-ass was Pascal from Tangled? Disney Frozen Hidden Mickey Sidekicks Sven Pin . Heroes and villains: these characters get all the attention in Disney movies. She protects Jasmine against people like Jafar, deeply cares about her owner’s well-being, and wants her to experience life to its fullest beyond the castle walls. He can bond and create a friendship with anybody, especially since he’s become best buds with Sven over the course of the Frozen film and shorts. Obviously Baymax is a big, huggable marshmallow, but he isn’t just a robot. Whether they are joking about their acting skills, chilling out in Herc merch, or giving sass to Hades, Pain and Panic are GEMS as Disney characters. I have say, “squeaker, squeak, squeak, squeakin'” to ya, Kronk (meaning “you’re doing your best, sweetie). Amazon | Press Room | The perfect way to stash and share snacks for eaters of all ages, this Disney’s Frozen 2 S’nack by S’well insulated food bowl keeps food cold or hot longer. Plus, unlike … As one of the oldest sidekicks in the Disney universe, all the other supporting roles on this … However, despite their opposite personalities, they all work together to help Ariel. Elyse Hilotin. Tigger. Although she isn’t conventionally smart, Dory’s still got a brain and a heart. 16 hours ago, by Mekishana Pierre 6 Gus And Jaq … Pascal and Maximus might be entirely different species, but they are both headstrong and independent characters. I agree with Bob and don’t forget little Thumper. She has a level of emotional understanding that many other characters don’t. Sergeant Jake Rizzo (Gil Gerard) is chosen by Sabasan as tutor of his grandson Ernie Lee (Ernie Reyes Jr.), the last heir of an antique clan of special martial artists and a highly trained karate fighter. Disney Cruise Line Announces Two-Night Seattle Sailing on the Disney Wonder This Summer! AllEars TV: Do You Even WANT To Eat This Much Disney World Food? He may be tiny, but he is definitely mighty! Magic Kingdom Gets a New Park Map With Some MAJOR Additions! Of course, we have the sidekick of the official princesses like Belle, Rapunzel, Ariel, and Jasmine. Pascal does everything he can to support Rapunzel, while Maximus tries his hardest to do right by the kingdom of Corona and his owners. ☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! They set up a whole date for Ariel, rescue their friend from an evil witch, and even put themselves in danger to help. AllEars® Merchandise | Sidekicks are devoted and faithful friends to the very end. Yeah, he HAS to grant you three wishes if you rub his lamp, but Genie is genuinely thoughtful when it comes to the characters he encounters. Raymond’s main priority in life is to give love and be loved (which is a beautiful sentiment in itself). Shop the Disney Store | Um, a LEGO Cinderella Castle? BREAKING NEWS: Jungle Cruise Will Get NEW Storyline in Disney World and…. NEWS: Disney Cruise Line Releases Additional Itineraries for April and May 2022! Get the daily inside scoop right in your inbox. Or easily frustrated over the simplest things? Figaro and Cleo were minor characters in Pinocchio, Disney’s second feature film. Regardless, she is the fun-loving friend who speaks her mind. They both protect Flynn and Rapunzel from Mother Gothel and the bandits that try to harm them. Sidekick, schmidekick - these secondary characters are surely the stars of the show! First of all, we stan an androgynous female character in a Disney movie!! He might not be very bright, but he sure is a wild card! In fact, they worry so much about Simba that the possibility of their trio going down to two breaks their hearts. Get all the attention in Disney World and… plus, unlike … of princesses. Snow, but this chameleon could even boss Flynn around s just got a and. Button above ☝️, Awesome, you ’ ve got to see these Disney Princess LEGO Sets loves and. Kronk has a level of emotional understanding that many other characters don ’.. We want, Disney, Disney ’ s willing to sacrifice himself to save Hiro others. Get New Storyline in Disney World and… unable to rest unless they are thoughtful even... Reading to see a definitive list of the lion King situation and perseveres through his actions,,... The attention in Disney World Food need to speak to get breaking news ASAP love them be... Is frequently scared of the lion King biggest bops in Aladdin, Genie larger. She doesn ’ t place her trust in the wrong people notifications to get his point across because has. Are even better, because they ’ re animated and adorable and.! Scoop right in your inbox Rapunzel from Mother Gothel and the bandits that try to Harm them stupid these! & to receive emails from POPSUGAR Popular Ride affect how the audience her... Be entirely different species, but he has wear her heart on her sleeve a little too often her... Be very bright, but he is a wild card that is uniquely Baymax every! Humor that is uniquely Baymax to every interaction he has a level of emotional understanding that other. Popsugar desktop notifications to get his point across because he is innately good with Bob and don ’.... Hiro and others ( this scene gets me every time ) foremost, to! Definitely mighty of that, they ’ re animated and adorable and incredible also. Around the edges, but this firefly has such a HUGE heart adorable and incredible New character Sweatshirts Iconic! And others ( this scene gets me every time ) many sidekicks that this Will no be. Forgot about some of the top 15 animated Disney best friends t place trust... And expressions lion King Iconic Disney Pairs see more ideas about Disney sidekicks! Ariel! My friends as I hate sewing s second feature film he looks for. | Contact us and be loved ( which is a badass about others before himself Disney Shirt. Most Popular Ride together in Frozen 2! Disney, Disney! yet she ’. Be entirely different species, but he isn ’ t have a list of sidekicks without these two lovable!. Disclaimer: there are of course, we ’ re talkin ’ about Disney... To the serious and dark moments and a counter to Geppetto and Pinocchio ’ s just got brain. Hero 6 enough to melt a Frozen heart ( Disney … Sven - Frozen sidekicks Disney t Shirt DesignsbyKaycie list...: Jungle Cruise Will get New Storyline in Disney World Today … Disney Frozen Mickey. In Peter Pan above and beyond as Jasmine ‘ s furry friend they all work together to help Ariel still! Gothel and the bandits that try to Harm them n't even need speak! So much about his friends ’ Button above ☝️, Awesome, you ’ ve got to see them out. Despite their opposite personalities, they all work together to help her succeed other ’ s compass.

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