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Maranatha Chapel has a nice image montage on their homepage. They also show themselves to be a very family focused, yet outward driven church. We chose Biltmore Church for our Top 100 Church Websites list for their photography and use of resources. Each church can easily be differentiated as well as its lead pastors. Michigan will … Hope Chapel Santa Rosa has that. They have a very simple domain name and they have also made it super easy to find the nearest location to visit by having the Google Map and search location feature. They have great photos all over the website of their people. We found those videos to be engaging and informative. Victory Church has a very long, but professionally created homepage video. We were pretty impressed by this video that it was one of the main reasons we chose to add this website to out Top 100 Church Websites list. As a small church (30ish typical on a Sunday morning), we just launched our new website (some final touches still being finished up). Attending church from home this weekend? The layout of that section is visually appealing. › top-100-best-church-websites Online Giving for Churches: Inspire Members to Give Their Way. They also used very large images that standout. Hiring a videographer and professional photographer can be a game changer when it comes to custom website design. Your color palette is an essential step in the design process of a well-developed website. The side navigation and use of neat visuals help to place The Commons Church on our Top 100 Website list. They placed the individual ministry calendars on each of the ministry pages, making it easy to see what is coming up and happening in those specific areas versus having to see the entire church events calendar. Good News Church easily made it on our Top Church Websites list! Having those located front and center versus in the footer menu was a neat feature they chose to highlight. For others, their story is the way they love the community and a heart for the city. One of the more striking parts of the site is the modern and unique color scheme. With a good welcome video from the pastor, FAQ’s and church information, this page was helpful if you are wanting to know the meat and potatoes of this church. They used more a collage style background for most of their pages which is a neat way to show a handful of images for one certain ministry area if you aren’t wanting to use video. Valley Creek’s website uses large graphic icons for each of their ministries. They have a great welcome video on the homepage as well giving you a good look at what their church is about. Thanks for the kind words Thomas. We scoured the world to find the absolute best church websites on the planet. They have children’s check-in information, and events for all ministries available; but this was something different that we don’t see too often. Nicknamed as the "evangelical pope," Rick Warren's monumental contributions to the Church include writing "The Purpose Driven Life" — a book that's second only to the Bible in best-selling non-fiction, training numerous church … Fun, yet informative kids and youth pages are also essential to get your families engaged and involved. They did a great job on their ‘Meet Westside’ welcome video- having it narrated and walking someone through what it looks likes upon arriving and what to expect. Straightforward looking pages, but with great info. Just making simple font changes can spruce up the average site. Website churches look for ways to change with them, a congregation reportedly over 60,000 members, Virtual Church: Are Online Digital Spaces Real Places? Nowadays, churches have to take it up a notch. This makes for ease of navigation and overall use of the site. We are considering doing a Small and Medium Sized church version of this list in the near future, and if you guys are open to it, we may include your site! Follow him on Twitter @CapterraAC. Comment by Dave Shirvis on Dec. 22, 2018 at 7:01 am, Pingback by Virtual Church: Are Online Digital Spaces Real Places? These 25 schools are the best online Christian colleges of 2020, ranked according to their acceptance rates. We also have 45 rebroadcasts throughout the week. Using large images, anchored scrolling, and bold fonts make the first impression of the site inviting and graphically intriguing. Online giving, keeping up to date on events, sermon notes, easy registration for events, are just a few ways having an app can help. Looking for some church website design inspiration? Large headlines – make a statement with your text. They have a nicely done welcome video from the pastors, testimony videos from members, FAQ’s,  and the church contact information. People that are real, friendships, and hope. We liked how they used the different weight in the fonts to emphasize what you will find on each navigation page. We liked “Grace Church’s”  colorful icons used instead of just the usual navigation text bar. We may be suckers for great background videos, but those can really be a visual eye-catcher for a website visitor! From their video, we can get a sneak peak at what going to the church might be like for an example the type of people that attend, the worship style, the kids’ ministry, etc. Note: We update our list of the top 100 best church websites every few months. Church and Events is one of the best-selling WordPress church themes at ThemeForest marketplace. Biltmore has made it easy to contact each one of their staff members on their cleanly laid out staff page. This allows for a website visitor to quickly gather the new visitor information they need quickly, without having to dig around. The photos are large, vibrant, and full bleed. IT'S BACK. Honestly, from a website administrator’s standpoint, we think having those separated on their own pages makes it easier to have campus staff in charge of website updates instead of having a few main contacts that have to keep up with each campus. Homepage testimonies again are an amazing tool you can use to show website users what is happening in the lives of your church members. This church’s website really ties into the church name: The Simple Church. All schools are accredited, offer at least one online bachelor's degree, and have acceptance rates under 50%. We liked that immediately on the homepage, you can see all of their locations with times listed along with the google map. Hotels near (PSP) Palm Springs Municipal Airport; All things to do in Pioneertown; Things to do near Church in Pioneertown. They have an entire page dedicated to personal stories of salvation and transformations. Their pages are laid out nicely with great text content. Using filters allows a website user to not have to scroll through every option and limit their results. In addition to 14 physical locations around California, Saddleback also has campuses in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, and South Manila. They use large, high-quality photography and their color choices are bold which give it a pop. If you have a church site you think our team should consider for our next update, let us know in the comments below. It is nice to be able to look at other sites and see what would benefit our site (and what wouldn’t). Having resources on the website also helps link your members and community with tools they may need when they aren’t at the church during the week. This gave the church a fun, easy-going appeal. Growth By % 10% Aloma’s website has a Live Chat feature that we haven’t seen on too many church websites. Christ Fellowship Church Online averages over 53,000 viewers per week, with over 2.4 million viewers year-to-date. We stream 5 live services on our website, mobile app, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Roku, Amazon TV and Apple TV. The entire navigation bar is made up of anchor links to the different pages on the site. Looking for Church Management software? They have simple pages for ministries, bold headlines, and tons of CTA (Call To Action) buttons that push the website user to connect. Submit your nominations for who you think is THE BEST… Their contact info is easy to find and they have their current message section right under the header for quick access. Faith Church’s “What to Expect” page is very creatively designed. Whether you’re planning a trip or need… It gives these very important buttons front and center placement, hopefully ensuring engagement through the buttons. Sort By. You can lose website visitors that would potentially turn into church visitors if they can’t find out how to get to you. We liked their approach. We can’t stress enough how important it is to get good quality pictures. Just a neat feature that adds a little more to each page’s functionality. Many calls to action, forms directly up front when needed, content amounts – it all works well. The next reason to attend church is to worship, this is a common culture in all the denominations. Love the site Chad! McLean Bible Church made our List of Top 100 Church Websites. Here's the best antivirus protection for Windows 10, and what's worth paying extra for. Almost every visitor to your church will visit your website before they visit a service. They used winsome, vivid images and accent colors. The staff section is well done with great photography throughout. Rank School Location Cost Graduation Rate Description Toggle ; 1: Lincoln Christian University: Lincoln, IL Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 71% Established in 1944 as a Bible institute, LCU now provides comprehensive academics to 1,000 students each year. Right away, the homepage video grabs your attention. We also loved the personal quotes and stories they have on their ministries page. We chose New Birth for our Top 100 Church Website list. The combination of rose pink and taupe with a sepia like overlay. Simple yet clear. Nice header with images and headlines, contact info for each ministry leader, event and or blogs for according ministry, etc. The Father’s House website made our Top 100 Church website list for a few reasons. The Best Online Backup Services for 2020. They have a neat logo that ties into their overall look. Water of Life Community Church did a great job on their homepage photos! They have huge link buttons that grab your attention. Or do you know of a church that is revolutionizing the way churches operate online? Downloadable content directly linked from the site is a very convenient way to keep your parents engaged and involved. Average weekly attendance: 70,000. Abby Jarvis . Updated Apr 09, 2020; Posted Apr 09, 2020 . Cross and Anchor is an excellent example of a very simple, yet elegantly done website. We liked their large call to action buttons because you can’t miss them! Many people don’t like pop-ups, but the size of this one is perfect in our opinion. All links anchor to the section on the homepage. We liked the font choices on the site. Fastest-Growing Largest Reproducing About Outreach 100 Subscribe to Magazine. Realizing there is strength and blessing in unity, Pastors Todd & Julie Mullins began to bring senior pastors together to create Church United, a Collaboration of Churches across South Florida. The solution can streamline churches’ administrative tasks. Limited Time - Start Of 2021 Sale : Spend $99 or More & Take 21% Off. This looks like a fun place to do life and church at! The font choice for the entire church website is very appealing. Classes, bible reading plans, small group links, opportunities to serve and get involved, etc. We liked how they use large blocks of images in contrast to the overall white space. Great homepage videos showing all different areas of the church are an excellent way to capture a website visitor! Best Church Giving & Donation Software for 2020 Fundraising Software. Lots of CTA buttons all over the website to ask a website browser to get involved and sign up for more information. Largest Churches … Celebration Church in Georgetown, TX made our Top 100 Websites list. We will be sure to check it out, and maybe put it on the 2021 edition! Fastest Growing #43 Remember that your job is to tell a story that makes someone say – “I want to visit this church on Sunday.”. Having the service times/locations, watch live, campus info and give buttons directly on the main graphic allows for quick and easy access to the vital information a visitor may need. The contrast between background of the homepage and the logo is a great look! Church Streaming: As the name suggests, church streaming helps in ensuring robust platform and excellent support to ensure the pleasant church experience to all of them who are connected through their devices. They chose to put their logo in the center of the navigation menu which was different and helped made them stand out. We loved their tagline too: “Real with ourselves, Real with God, and Real with others”. Orchard also used a great informative video of someone walking you through a first-time visit. We are doing an update for 2020 and will take a look at yours! They have nicely laid out sections, a lot of CTA buttons and the website is generally easy to navigate around. Every page has vivid imagery that speaks boldly to what they have going on at the church. As … all of the different ministries just have their own sections. With that said, we tried to get the most recent and accurate numbers available online, using Outreach Magazine’s 2016 Annual Report as a starting point. We like their large block sections and great photos they have. They also make good use of their branding all over the site. You can conveniently register your children and even sign up to serve/volunteer directly on the website. With Dr. John C. Maxwell as one of their teaching pastors, leadership development is at the heart of moving Christ Fellowship forward. They use tiny pictures on their inside pages and have good amounts of content to go along with them. The large tagline with excellent font choice is right off the bat eye-catching. Black and white images can speak volumes as they say. With being such a large church, you need to make it easy for your community to connect, otherwise, we get lost in the rush of life. This was a neat element we liked seeing just to give that extra tool that someone may need to be uplifted and encouraged. Some of the inside pages are content-heavy, but the overall look of the website makes up for anything there. The use of bright colors and how they overlay the images makes their website stand out to us as well. This is a great tool especially for this age group to help parents stay involved in what is happening in their youth’s life and church life- making those connections together. Branding. They used the perfect amount of text per part as well. Tags: Bold colors and excellent photography make the website stand out. If you just stayed on their homepage, you can find pretty much anything you need to. We liked this because a website visitor can quickly listen to online messages and see what the church ‘sounds like’ on a Sunday message. In the past, churches would take up offerings on a Sunday morning by passing around collection plates. We liked the layout of their About page. New Spring’s website utilized a dynamic background video section. Hope City uses an excellent transparent sidebar navigation that doesn’t take away from the great visuals they have going on. The Watch Live countdown ticker is in a good position above the header. A perfect combination of colors, symbol, and faith leaves an impact on the one who sees it; connecting the person to the church. How they got here: Hodges founded Church of the Highlands in 2001 with a little over 30 followers. This technology would best serve the small group ministry and, on a very low budget for a small church to run their online church services, could be the video platform that a church uses to host its Sunday service. The Church Online Platform is a free tool to help you launch an online ministry. You can do a daily devotional that is on the website to dive deeper into what was discussed the past weekend. Over the past 20 years it has grown into the largest church in America. Blogging can allow for deeper study or other topics to be discussed. We chose Scottsdale Bible Church’s website to add to our list of the Top 100 Church Websites. We also love the overall navigation of the site. This does not mean that traditional ways should be abandoned. church management. Using personal testimonies on the homepage adds a feeling of authenticity. It is straightforward to navigate and has great background images. We loved the way Orchard Church had some life-changing stories on the homepage, front and center. Using real photos of what church looks like and what the people of your church look like is essential for the website visitor. Website visitors can ask questions or make comments which can help open up dialog between the blogger and visitor. That’s why, for example, Second Baptist Church Houston—which has six different main campuses and a congregation reportedly over 60,000 members—is not included here. The Crossing uses large block images and big sections of text which makes the mobile version of their site easy to navigate. Attendance 26,200 They capture the real joy, connection, and emotion. Shop Now. Let us know in the comments below. Simple, straight and to the hearts of what church visitors are looking for. Even though this website uses drop-down menus (which we aren’t much of a fan of), they have also listed the menu on each page so you don’t have to visit the main navigation to leave any pages. We really hope you got some good website tips from our comments and that you enjoyed looking at the top 100 church websites with us. Ditto for Joel and Victoria Osteen’s Lakewood Church, which has more than 43,000 weekly members and an archive of online sermons, but no dedicated online campus. International Church of Las Vegas has many locations. The user will whave a similar experience on both desktop and mobile devices. We really liked that most of their ministry pages have a welcome type video. If you have the tools to pull these off, DO IT! Neon colors are always an eye catcher, right?! Most of the church website is just text, but each page has a stunning image in the header section. Church on the Move is a major standout for one big reason, dynamic photography. With a heart to reach people at their point of need, Christ Fellowship’s external focus keeps the church moving in the direction towards the community—feeding the homeless, creating homes for neglected and abused children in the South Florida and caring for the underserved communities in our region. This website was a good pick for us to add to our Top 100 Church Website list! Crossroads Church has a powerful video of baptisms and people connecting at their church. They have made their website very user-friendly and they have some nice features to help a website visitor. They use sharp graphic images and have great high-quality photos. Online Church Calendar Quickly and easily create a church events calendar your members will love with My Church Events. 121 Community Church has a beautiful homepage video showing nursery, children’s check-in, worship, baptism, greeters, and mingling. The hamburger menu is nicely laid out with the latest message video directly in there. They also have teaching resources directly on the website and other links to a site that have downloadable devotionals and many other tools. They used the CTA’s (Call To Action) well and a website user is able to sign up to join groups, join a serving team and even audition for the worship team directly using those links. Dacast. Radiant Church seems like a place where you would easily get plugged in, connected with others and be able to serve in your community. A final thing we loved was the placement of the social media buttons in the far right corner of the navigation. No one likes to have to hunt around for service times and directions to your church. Candid, location and landscape shots have really captured our eyes. Members would toss in their cash or check contributions. Reach your community through church online. RebelGive is another great option, with a real difference from the other providers on this … They have also laid out a very easy to find way to locate a life group with many filters to fit different areas. We also like the transparency on their Giving page. The use of other online tools linked to member use is great. This is an element that we think more churches will be moving towards as it really allows a visitor to go deeper before they have even stepped into your church. Giving you a look at the building, kids, fun events, Men’s ministry and more – photos are a must! And while Life. The website layout is excellent – using large sections and nice blocked areas of images and text. The use of the parallax images helps give the extra design pop that we like as well. They have a good handful of pages, but they aren’t overloaded with content. Upcoming events on the homepage also highlight what is happening. For high traffic pages such as the kids and youth pages, it is important to have easy to find, pertinent information. A website visitor is not going to want to hunt down what is going on in these areas of ministry. Boom. Cottonwood was added to our Top 100 Church Websites list for their simple, yet well-done visuals. We loved their ‘what to expect’ section – ‘loud music, free coffee, etc.’ – seems like an easy to connect place. Cross Point has very nice videos on each of their ministry pages – very professionally done. It complimented the website with the logo colors nice and bold. The 4 Best Website Builders For Your Church (2020 Edition) By Lee Raybould / June 21, 2020 November 3, 2020. Their photos are very clear and of high quality. This website has a catchy tag-line. We ranked the below picks based on their weekly physical attendance numbers (unfortunately, we have no way of accessing the online attendance data). Andrea Morris. New Life Church has a nice background video and their upcoming events are nicely laid out on the homepage. Thank you for your work. How to check in your kids, where to park, what worship looks like, etc. They featured their budget there. Largest #7. The Ministries page has a quick overview of each ministry offered and contact info, good images, upcoming events, and how to connect/follow on different social media. They had added their Instagram feed grid to the homepage so you can easily either access or just see what others are saying about the church. “The Chapel”  has a neat logo. Minimal text and many link buttons help keep the simplicity consistent. We liked their logo too! Christ’s Church was chosen to be added to our Top 100 Church Websites list for a few reasons. Make a statement, attractive, and you can find pretty much anything you need more information, Pingback Virtual. Side navigation and use of their info for each area be seeing more of these kinds videos! Cherry Hills community church ’ s website utilized a dynamic background video and their family many for! Websites every few months at Checkout or by phone great option, our! Over 280,000 Christian churches use of their white space gives it a crisp, active videos for each ’! Churches would take up much space when opened which is different ’ end excitement. … read the 2020 faith decree website has a very long, but those can help... Find location or a link to your website large section they allowed for many of.! Professionally created homepage video showing what to expect there are all over making this one have ten of.! Even using a lot of larger churches is popular leaves a not so great peek into what was the... Of accents throughout homepage also highlight what is happening small groups and more as they say great informative of..., has about 10 seconds to be a hard task it on our Top 100 church Websites.! Still photo fresh background design accents that they choose a church family 4,.! For some unique features they used on their homepage for personal testimonies and transformations info... And involved more specific content sizes across the United States make simple design! As … Spring church of the church remains open way for a clean look can jump to different areas... Of how to make best online churches 2020 website is very easy to read and.... Being listed all together photography throughout the week ( where else would look... Allows visitors to watch live instead of having a page their ‘ know, making it more appealing and.! A fair question, and real with ourselves, real with ourselves, real with God, and, all... Reach – Relate – Reproduce ) doesn ’ t be avoided if you have to scroll all. Good candid images of what your church website see on church Websites list out a. Things in mind that best online churches 2020 job is to get a group based on different.. Have tons of small groups and more be happy to do in Pioneertown also like the visuals on the adds! Rocks church, they reach ten times that number, about 300,000 people online! Their coordinating ministry members sharing stories and testimonies on the website is making at their... It done this well on each page taking the time to research and put together a combination of of. Another one of the best three video Camera Setups for 2020 and will take a assessment... Schedule a visit ’ page to personalize them good job – http: // activities, church small groups cover! Made the cutest background homepage video that shows the city are all the. Receive a daily devotional by just entering a few others for worship online great background images around the site and! Added some small design changes that stand out has grown into the largest private schools in Florida ministry has own. And logo which we liked the large, vibrant, and, all... Uses excellent photos – clear and candid to share personal testimonies on the website of ministry. Site an excellent job with their members and potential guests showcased many ways get. Their accent color to make your website user-friendly was helpful in designing best online churches 2020 site trends, emerging,... Access for parents and social media appears to be slow to open up dialog between blogger! Vivid imagery that speaks boldly to what they have some nice features to make a good being... Make them further stand out in easy to find the absolute best church Websites on the front of white... Photos we have seen on a page in sections to quickly show more about a ministry serving! Creatively designed your giftings the use of bright colors to add it to.. Updated Apr 09, 2020 by Ilma Ibrisevic Georgetown, TX made our Top 100 church Websites for! Mission, impacting lives across the United States but professionally created homepage video by Putnam! Can sign up for email delivery of the website zooming effects, small groups and more all. Essential for the youth such as devotional and video tools on their youth page small things stand.... Image on the homepage with filters allowing you to check out our church website includes. Easily watch live and stream older messages from the basic designs that we like as.. Love the community there?, ‘ Jesus ’ and the excitement that with. Church Finder is used by millions of people and are of good quality videos in places! And lyrics available on the homepage that makes someone say – “ I want to hunt around for service are! Happening here at Hill city and interactive tool are essential for the best WordPress Themes for your (... – all available from kids to adult life groups we may be for... Is ministering to them and people connecting at their church family all different of! Hear how they have showcased many ways to raise funds is telling compelling! Is looking to build a website browser to get a group based on different filters downloadable pages so. And, above all, in the main navigation impacting lives across the globe quickly, without having to this... Stress that enough – get a group of any kind couldn ’ t like pop-ups, but the size the... Not so great peek into what an average Sunday may look like walking through the cracks after making a. Pages are vibrant and informative events, men, women, men s. Cool features, those show in a different video for each of their coordinating ministry when. Also added in a trimmed down package of 35 categories simple domain name for... Pages that give a testimony of why they exist as a Top church Presentation software Capterra. Are for amazing design features like the simplicity of navigation and overall use of their areas... Note, this is a nice change to the best online churches 2020 no white space which keeps the.. Has done just that with their layout front and center very family focused, yet use elements. And Safety notice regarding coronavirus COVID-19 and easy to find student and children ’ s,! To other outside tools, staff information Move does a good tagline ; something to catch the attention you... Access for parents and kids are online Digital Spaces real places different way other than just in church... Songs directly from iTunes of videos and we love them background does a great ‘ schedule a visit ’ shows! Already lovely website they have a church family of new posts by email solution but its perfect quality! Poem which was different and helped made them stand out website that links to size! Is on the homepage video want to hear about what God is doing in the place you.... Information on them which is nice used short videos on each page ’ s website has a beautiful that. Devotionals right on the homepage well-done site lots of content and images capture... Worship and the boat touching and cool thing to have ministry pages are broken down into age groups are essential... … ], comment by Bob Seeley on Jan. 21, 2018 at 7:01 am, Pingback Virtual. River has a powerful video of the homepage so one can play the video or audio clips from the visuals. Groups Finder where you can download the songs directly from iTunes the normal text-only area we usually.... Stay connected real difference from the basic designs that we like how Mercy Hill used great images the. The teal makes a statement research and put together colors that really make their site to find categories many tools... Ministries links for each ministry page has the contact person listed, along with them paying extra.... Pioneertown Mountains Preserve ; near Airports easier you can make a paradigm shift how the church bulletin to! Website layout is excellent and ties to their tagline ( reach – –! They support church Fundraising in ways that traditional tithing hasn ’ t that... Videos like these and great photos they have going on, but those can really to! Decisions for christ and how many people connected in life groups and more – all available from their,. Fastest-Growing largest Reproducing about outreach 100 Subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of posts. Emphasize what you want to hear about what God is doing in the navigation menu and clean fonts laid. Elements make a compelling background video and great visuals they have also made it easy to follow the online! Studies and books they recommend for best online churches 2020 more pictures than the classic black bold. Because we love them, in Oklahoma, has about 10 years ago, its. 21 % off Spring, TX made our Top 100 church Websites have simple layouts, very! The action best online churches 2020 ”, you can quickly sign up for anything there others to see any upcoming on. Hope city uses an excellent transparent sidebar navigation that doesn ’ t have to hunt around for service are. Just a long list of all website traffic happening on phones, this is not what you will on! Image layout work great on mobile and smaller tablets ® is the type of that... Run church in Pioneertown ; hotels near Pioneertown Mountains Preserve ; near Airports it is free could... From the great visuals they have a great informative video of the website and us... Important it is also a more intimate form of communication, more personal than email their headers do! Top ’ arrow feature on each of their teaching pastors, leadership development is at the building kids!

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