aokiji vs doflamingo

I also fail to see how this scales to DMS Kakashi as well. Law. stated that it would take a week to get there with Normal Shunpo. He even froze his good friend, Jaguar D. Saul. Even though he has never used it before, Kakashi still possesses Obito's Mangekyou Sharingan which means I dont see why not him being able to use all abilities from it seeing as he was gifted it (not implanted artificially) by Obito who originally owned it. He moved his head fast enough to dodge it its like seeing a bullet but no fully being able to dodge but in marco's and naruto's case they reacted to it with their eye's but at the same time they forced their body to react to it for example you see fly it's almost gonna bump into your body but then you track it you then don't feel like you can dodge it your mind fells like it cant react but you force your body to react to that fly kinda like what naruto did but marco did it while in mid air and not even using his full speed. @yuuto-jika557: Could you refrain from giving people tips in our CaV and it will count as bias if you vote if you do so again. Getting into your closer, you shot down the crappy PTS FTL scaling Rman was using pretty well, and though you still pressed the same unconvincing arguments on Marco's reaction vs movement speed, the Haki argument did somewhat make up for it in my opinion. I already Posted how Charlotte, a complete Fodder who was a damn fraccion 17months ago, Blitzed Bambietta to the point where she literally died despite being dead, and Toshiro as shown earlier, Blitzed Charlotte who undeniably scales above Lillito and Bambietta in terms of speed. If Rman were a bit more knowledgeable, he could have countered the heat aspect a bit more convincingly, like trying to quantify Ace's Drum Island feat as opposed to just repeating himself. As far as I know aokiji has the best stamina in this match unless anyone can give me proof of this being wrong. Gazelleman | How it's used with any form of attack such as shurikens and chidori to bypass durability by ripping the space around it: He removes the part of the body which makes his body unable to be hit. Sasaki) With the feats shown, they lack the speed and durability to survive and parry Toshiro. Miss All-Sunday | Che aspetti! ➙Only the owner of the Rinnegan can see the figure ↑ 両目の''輪廻眼''が揃う時、影の数は四に至る ↑When the Rinnegan of both eyes are aligned, the number of shadows reaches four ➙術者に寄りそい敵を排除する影。ただし、実体化できる時間には限りがある ➙ A shadow that leans close to the caster and eliminates enemies. (Others: Sheepshead | Monet I have nothing to say energies are equalized I get one shotted thats all. 50 Divine Soldiers: Yama | Because even Oda recognizes how dumb it sounds for Aokiji to instantly form a mountain sized iceberg and climb on it to escape. Después de eso, Doflamingo se va con Buffalo y con Baby 5 rumbo a Dressrosa. Scarlet, Kid Pirates The Unluckies, God's Army Frontier Agents: Mr. 7 | On an another note, I didnt like all that bragging about this being a mismatch or you saying " with energy equalized both the other characters one shot Kizaru", here the character r that wins isnt the strongest but the one that was utilized at his best by the one that picked him/debated about him. 8-53: 05 Jan 14: Luffy Dies in the Sea!? @belando: Guess you are right. (603) Auschwalen is also not of Reishi but literal light. Sweet 3 Generals: "Thousand Arms" Charlotte Cracker | Like honestly, that was a horrible decision on your part, only makes you look worst, and significantly undermines your arguments. "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach, Impel Down Staff Officers: Sugar | "Heavy Drinker" Vasco Shot | Babanuki | Aokiji ate the Logia Ice-Ice Fruit which allows him to control, create and transform into ice at will. My vote goes to @highmantra_x0sp, because his counters and and arguements were the best. Master of the Waters, Germa 66 So if he uses genjutsu, it's pretty much game over for both opponents. You can access Sugo-Fest through the Tavern through the Rare Recruit option (which costs 5 gems per use). Why not just concede then? You basically threw the match. When you where talking about Aokiji's ice resisting Ace's flames , you said that Akainu defeat Ace while using only 30% of his power..... where did you pull it from? Rather than kill him, he allowed the crew to revive Luffy, because (after struggling to remember) they helped apprehend Crocodile (who was doing things beyond his influence as a Warlord) and had a good word put in from captain Smoker. Replies 101 Views 1,220. "Sweeper" Bobbin, Blackbeard Pirates This can also be easily debunked by me bringing up the fact that Naruto's shadow clones kept up with Madara's limbos which are basically another Madara being manifested from his own shadow, as he refers to them as himself and not clones, in another plane of existence: Thanx to @joviolma for correctly translating the databook concerning limbo: 輪墓・辺獄 Limbo・Border Jail 忍術, 血継限界 Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai 攻, 防, 補, 近 Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, Close Range 使用者: うちはマダラ User: Madara Uchiha. Hanzo, Others Speed | Kizaru | first thing first my vote goes to @highmantra_x0sp even tho@epichotflamewas pretty close imo , lets see: @highmantra_x0sp: I chose to vote for you because in my opinion, you where the most consistent one when it came to countering , especially when it came down to Aokiji. Good luck! Absalom | He is not evil but more of a neutral antagonist who has done both good in the past as well as attack the protagonists as well. I think you were bested in every relevant argument as far as Kakashi was concerned. Schollzo | Like seriously, you are just asking to be laughed off CV with arguments like this and the kicker is you didn't even need to make them. Solitaire | Ice Age: Aokiji can froze  long miles of the sea and froze a Shiking. Capture the Straw Hat Pirates (formerly) Fukuro | At the very least you argued against Rman pretty well, but he was far from the biggest threat here. Like what is this? Toshiro for sure has the speed, the potency, and smarts. Given you argued Toshiro as a low mid tier in your opener, there was not an iota of my being that remotely considered the possibility that Toshiro doesn't get fodderized by either Aokiji or Kakashi. Kakashi lacks a counter for all matter freezing and energy freezing as shown with Gerald Valkyrie. You upped the ante a bit with speed, citing MHS feats and scaling... but what does that mean when Kakashi is FTL and Aokiji is being argued there as well. episódio 579Desembarque!Punk Hazard, A Ilha FlamejanteJōriku! Guys didnt you say your character's wasnt pass FTL whats the literally point of me using this character if that was the case I knew I shouldn't have listened your character's fight people who re way passed FTL whats the point of make me be here If I have a character thats way slower that yours? So, as far as I was concerned, your character was blitz material. Even though we exclude genjutsu, DMS Kakashi still comes out victoriously with a no difficult stomp. Ten Titanic Captains: Jesus Burgess | Why did Shunsui move 13km? Episodio 626: Caesar è scomparso! Seriously, can you cite me a single fight where Aokiji has actually traded genuine blows with someone? Agents: Rob Lucci | Gekko Moriah | It still has 2 more stages to go, Humanoid Susano'o

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