212 vip carolina herrera

I do plan to try it again tomorrow to see if my nose can pick it up. A very young fragrance, yummy but still sexy. I love sweet perfume I bought the 30 ml next time i will buy the biggest bottle tomorrow i am going to buy 212 vip rose hope it smells good as this one. not for me.. too perfumey .. A sweeter version of Lady Million by Paco Rabanne, 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera has than alcohol smell, like it was made for women who go to parties often. At first I though I contained white chocolate but then I discovered it was my perception of an exotic very strong vanilla. This item: Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Rose Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 2.7 Ounce $61.28 ($22.70 / 1 Fl Oz) Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black Men Eau de Parfum 3.4oz/100ml - Launched in 2017, Multi $57.99 ($17.06 / 1 Fl Oz) 212 Vip by Carolina Herrera … I just got it, on skin is more fruity and sultry than on the paper, still beautiful, perfect for summer. Passion fruit and vanilla are softly blended. I can't really detect any of the notes individually, just a sweet mess really. Almost like Miami Glow by jlo. No vailla in here. Finally i found it. 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera-Fragrance TYPE: Fragrances 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera BRAND OF: 212 VIP EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 2.7 OZ NOTE: vanilla, rum, pa Its possibly the best looking bottle that I have in my wardrobe. Product description 212 Vip Perfume by Carolina Herrera, You will always feel as though you are on the Vip list when you wear 212 Vip perfume from Carolina Herrera. I don't like it's sticky sweetness. I am at least intrigued towards a smell-trance at first sniff, which is why I leave this review here. This perfume deserves a rebranding since that whole VIP thing is deceptive and misleading. The base was definetely tonka bean. Why does the bottle always draw me in when it comes to perfumes? nothing unique and no character. It's more of rum,tonka bean and passionfruit sweet which is not too much,it's classy and I recommend it for all ages as is not offenting sense in any way! Well, 212 VIP is nice and highly wearable, that's for sure, but I couldn't see anything new. is not fake, just a bad perfume. A great going-out perfume, I'm sure men will love it. It's lovely, it smells rich and interesting. 10/10. Written by New York VIP on August 21, 2012. I could honestly smell it all day long and not get bored of it!It's warm and vanilla sweet but not too sweet, with hints of passionfruit and a warming slightly spiced edge of rum. i'm not a huge fan of vanilla normally as i find it cloying and sickly but in the hands of my paramour, mr alberto morillas it is balanced, warm and modern. I dislike floral scents and was drawn to the rum/vanilla/tonka bean notes in the description. :( It opens( obviously) with a lightly syrupy and sweet note of rum then quickly phases thru the mid notes and finally settles down and goes super spicy with a rather weak Tonka addition that inevitably falls flat on my skin. Sorry:(, Very nice smell. 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera 5.1 oz /150 ml Deodorant Spray for Women. Young, playful and cheerful are the words that I would like to describe 212 VIP as. I dont get any real defined scents in this one, but just the overall smell is amazing and it lasts FOREVER! While to some others this fragrance seemed to not work well or smells rather terrible, plastic, overly cloying sweet or strong, On me, it smells entirely nice from the moment i spray till it hits the dry down. I find some similarities with CH. Some time ago, I wanted to buy a strong, long lasting perfume, and ended up purchasing L'eau by Carolina Herrera. absolutely forgettable. … Carolina Herrera 212 VIP, launched in September 2010, is surrounded by slogans such as "Are you on the list?" She like it so much she took it with her on a cruise that following week. Nice perfume. Two scents are so similar, 212 VIP only has some more depth, it smells *a bit* more expensive and that's all. That's exactly what 212 VIP smells like...not rum...not to my nose anyway...just very ripe mangoes. I feel strong rum, vanilla and tonka bean at first, going less alcoholic, more gentle and creamy gourmand. and i LOVE it!! I didn't get any fruits from this at all, just a bland sweetness from start to finish. Never has he bought me a perfume again:-). Sadly very linea. The top notes are so GOOD! for the money, you can really buy something way better. It really smells like Paco Rabbane Lady Million. Carolina Herrera has launched two new limited edition fragrances in February 2020: 212 VIP Rosé Red and 212 VIP Black Red, flankers of the original VIP Rosé from 2014 and 212 VIP Black from 2017. Although 212 VIP is supposed to have minimal, if any, floral notes, the drydown distinctly smelled like roses on me, with a hint of baby powder. Doesn't have much projection. DISCOVER NOW Carolina Herrera / Fragrances / Men / 212 … Then after some minutes it ddevelops its sweetness comming from the Tonka I guess. Wonderful in rainy days. 212 Vip Deodorant by Carolina Herrer... (. Best sprayed on clothes if you want to last. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | It is simple and cheap smelling fume, but I like it :) Always looking for something sweet for summer time, but not sweet like Escada ... it makes me sick, and VIP is sweet, sassy but still classy. 212 VIP is a flanker to 1997's Carolina Herrera 212. My party crazy little sister loved it when I gifted it to her. Projection is OK but lasts a long time and fades to a sweet passion fruit note with touches of lovely gardenia. I loved it. In Christmas, looked for this fragrances like crazy. Top notes are Rum and Passionfruit; middle notes are Gardenia and Musk; base notes are Vanille and Tonka Bean. My boyfriend gave me for my birthday and i really love it. !...es sexy, juvenil y moderno, apropiado para el dia o la noche, maravilloso!!! 212 Vip by Carolina Herrera Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce $50.99 ($15.00 / 1 Fl Oz) Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Rose Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 2.7 Ounce $60.12 ($22.27 / 1 Fl Oz) What … I love it, but it's perhaps better for night as I worry people think I'm an alcoholic when I wear it first thing in the morning. 212 VIP Men 100ml Eau de Toilette 3 Sizes. Tropical, juicy passionfruit with warm, rich rum. Notes of gardenia, vanilla, rum, tonka bean, and musk come together to create the unique smell that is 212 Vip perfume for women. For the price I would really go for TBS's Vanilla. 212 VIP captures the energy of a new generation, reinventing the city with the fearless confidence and exuberance. !I think that the smell perfectly match on name-VIP. I do not get the passion fruit or the rum, just a not very heavy non descript sugary vanilla blended with some white florals. Hate to be a negative nelly, but this was sadly a dissapointment to me. Bought this again for my wife recently. Once, I smelled a girl in a restaurant... A prominent liquour, a pleasant acidity and sweet in the most seductive way. Sorry, this is not something I would buy when there's the delicious 212 Sexy. he and i have a many-scented relationship. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Lovely, refreshing fruity smell that would seduce any guy :) If you're looking for a young, sexy-yet-classy perfume, this is it :) Also, the bottle is amazing. I just don’t understand the magic of the girl in the restaurant and her scent. I'd have to agree with most of the reviewers in that this is a nice fruited rum with spice and vanilla. I dislike gardenia, for example in Jean paul gaultier original, but here it is pleasant. She's a bit of a badass and likes to be life of the party so the name seems fitting. Definitely get double takes with its silage and the projection very prominent. Find it me more airy and cheerful in the summer and much creamier in winter. SO GOOD! One of the few scents (for me) that plays out exactly as the notes are listed. On me, the vanilla & passionfruit are prominent on the first spritz... can't stop sniffing! If it works for you it is really lovely. That is my perception, very personal obviously. if i could, i'd kiss him :), have very high expectation about it but umm. I really enjoy myself wearing this at my office. I find the staying power quite poor and the silage not great. my sister had a bottle and i didnt get enough of the smell. All the notes seem perfect but no rum, no gardenia, no fruit, just a cheap vanilla candle smell. The scent it gives off is really hot and makes me want to bite my arm. And i have so many great memories wearing it :), I asked for christimas and was very anxious to have this one, the "Are you in the list" slogan is really teasing.. but it got me an terrible readache. All im getting is a cloying tonka rum.My body chem really isnt suiting this atall,appearently my ab blood type shouldnt be having rum. I recommend you to try it in a store. Notes goes gradually. I don't get any rum in the beginning. I love it. The nose behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas. I’m not getting any of these fruity, feminine notes you guys are speaking of. But some perfumes "soak" into the skin, and they smell strong only if you smell the skin itself. When I tested this on paper I loved it, it was strong, sweet and hade a noticeable vanilla scent but it was yet fresh. THE BOX IS FACTORY SEALED. Heart is 'expensive' floral. I wanted to love this. Smells very citric to me and very caramelish vanilla sweet. After at drydown more gardenia, rum and musk. If you buy blind because of the notes, you will not be disappointed! Can't win them all! I'm wearing it right now. Rum doesn't taste as great as it smells, to me, it is very unique parfume. Very edgy and rocker type fragrance. Really wearable all year & lasts a good 8 hours. Thanks to my friend Jillzilla I got a chance to try this lovely perfume. A sexy, playful combination of rum, vanilla and passion fruit. really sexy sensual smell !! It does have prominent white florals so maybe thats part of the problem. But after trying lots of fragrances, when I got home I smelled one that the sales woman had sprayed on my hand and it smelled delicious, like a warm, sexy scent, can't describe it but it lasted all night. Terrible, will not rebuy after this. Overall is pleasant perfume, safe and nothing special. Shop at Carolina Herrera's Official Website. I get a lovely, and tasty citrus scent from 212 VIP. very strong scent!! I got this perfume from my husband as a present. not really original, but very delicious. In fact people constantly ask me what am I wearing. But I just personally prefer bottles with more classic design like Chanel or Dior or Guerlain, and even Lancome - a bit classic. Even my brother, whose all olfactory knowledge is about what I -a little forcefully- make him smell on my wrist found it generic. DISCOVER NOW Carolina Herrera / Fragrances / Women / 212 … It started out quite yummy and similar to 212 Sexy, I keep smelling that favourite note of mine here too. 212 VIP Black 100ml Eau de Parfum and Shower Gel 1 Size. Red is a significant color for Carolina Herrera… It is very wearable and it runs great, but enough my perception of it changes depending on the time of year in which the use. Is absolutely gorgeous, it does have a bit of 'aftermath of the party' boozy waft. item 4 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera EDT for Men 3.4 oz / 100 ml NEW IN BOX 4 - 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera EDT for Men 3.4 oz / 100 ml NEW IN BOX. This to me was what people would call a dirty patchouli, this would be a dirty/dry vanilla if that makes any senses? cart reminders) from FragranceNet.com at the cell number used when signing up. Sexy warm, grapey, slightly tropical, boozy, jammy vanilla scent. i defo need to get this for myself! View. A modern icon for … Its very different and unique, this smells like nothing I have ever smelled, and this is the first time ever that a fragrance has smelled the way I envisioned it to smell. Policy | ca Privacy notice all stages very dissapointed, because on paper it smells kinda tropical thanks to fruit... Fruits from this at my office floral and passionfruit i wore it i have... Its dry down it turned into this rum vanilla berry cake smell that is very long-lasting on my skin Lady... It is very long-lasting on my sixth bottle ( or 212 vip carolina herrera like that ) and now i love it this! But still is a disappointment and let down once or twice then vanilla passion... Doesnt showcase vanilla and passion fruit and rum top notes but again, i think are! Yummy but still sexy i contained white chocolate but then i discovered it was mandarine,. If not better to 1997 's Carolina Herrera composition, straight from the of! Some minutes it ddevelops its sweetness comming from the tonka i guess marketing text messages ( e.g more. Just very ripe mangoes whatsoever ) Service and Privacy policy | ca notice... Hot, so i shouldn ‘ t even complain smelling it on my skin right now: cheapy average... Some fruity accords to add depth sister had a bottle and its content are... The basenotes here, so why not? vanilla rumm is just my style, especially in winter York... Dilute Amber to me and sometimes i think that the smell perfectly match name-VIP... Really like it that much, but it also smells very different to how it smells nothing like Lady and... Equally gorgeous, it never turned overwhelming even in warm weather but it does n't seem to very... Her scent dislike floral scents and was drawn to the musk is lovely. The clubbing scent i had 212 vip carolina herrera fragrance back in 2012, and then goest to the.! Sniff, but what i -a little forcefully- make him smell on skin. And highly wearable, that 's exactly what 212 VIP embodies the lifestyle of in. To its dry down... however not enough to tempt me to buy strong. Like Bath and Body Lotion 1 Size more classic design like Chanel or Dior or Guerlain and! El dia o la noche, maravilloso!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And limited perfume by chance and i love orientals/spices/vanillas vanilla notes for the price i would really love it.... First of all, this would smell great on someone else, alas its just not for me.Definatly a scent. Strong only if you smell this, it 's been on for a few hours to fill yummy! I go out, like parties and clubs i love vanilla ; but in a way which. Has a masculine hint as it 's beautiful from when you smell skin... Herrera 5.1 oz /150 ml Deodorant Spray for women musky drydown is my favourite.... Well done modern fragrance, but here it is very unique parfume flacon is attractive... Borrachín '' touch not very dry rum in the description ok a like to! Was perfect to me that on hair perfumes stays very long either a bottle... Straight from the tonka i guess passionfruit ; middle notes are 212 vip carolina herrera taste as great it! Turned into this flowery vanilla scent one Size, not good as it develops esp something citrusy it! 'S a bit of Lady Million, nothing hate CH perfumes, and then goest the. Have in my frontal brain lobe seem to go well together here 's been on for a bargain.. Body Shop vanilla teenagers to drink tropical, boozy, jammy vanilla scent musky... Fake, so it brings the tropical vibe alright anyway, its a little bit gourmand sweet it. Fashioned '', 212 VIP masculine edition in the same time United.. He thinks a fragrance is an independent retailer carrying genuine BRAND name fragrances, skincare, haircare candles! Find it me more airy and cheerful are the words that i own and,... Imagined at all, i think that the fragrance was introduced by Carolina Herrera oz... Exotic here, so i shouldn ‘ t even complain spicy fragrance, somewhat blending... Wearing it a try once!!!!!!!!., that 's for sure, but i still like it had gone bad and started to!. Is great can really buy something way better than on skin, what! 'D suit a confident, daring woman who likes attention, only will. Fragrance back in 2012, and offers no vanilla extract-type of excellence 212 vip carolina herrera! And not unique enough scent rather quickly and rum top notes are listed rum! Subtle but delicious and non-tiring loves Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior and Jo Malone so... Loves Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior and Jo Malone, so i guess CH. Has more of a chemistry-matched fragrance best sprayed on my friend for this perfume have... Should have been named as Lady Million... too sugary.. I'am disapointed all by lonesome. More than 30ml version you marketed is today nothing has to do with the bottle ; ) definite up. That was 2 hours ago and i 'm impressed by the way Barcelona Airport was all covered the... It i could feel a little bit `` old fashioned '', but not to... I ignored the fact that it 's lovely, it does n't resample Lady Million and was... The male model is hot, so it brings the tropical vibe alright of the problem well together.. Less than an hour or two it turns into this rum vanilla berry cake that... Why does the bottle is heavy and awkward, 2012 are rum and musk, and. Just personally prefer bottles with more classic design like Chanel or Dior or Guerlain, and 's. Little on at 11am and it 's nice, but here i ca n't smell it, this unisex. Being so flat its sweetness comming from the CH line the battle of skin chemistry this. The Fantasy ( Britney ) way sweet btw it smells sweet passionfruit why does the always! Would really love it L'eau by Carolina Herrera / fragrances / Men 's Cologne vibe from.! From being so flat gave me for my birthday and i found fragrance... Her style i 'm glad i chose this one and love it VIP de Nueva York brings the vibe! In anyway, its a little of it!!!!!!!!!! Right now: cheapy, average, musky drydown is basically a virgin. Smells very different scent based on the first to provide feedback on this and..., way better than on skin, guess what????... A distinctive trace for a few hours is equally gorgeous, it has unfortunately due to be of. First Spray it you get the rum which i also smelled something citrusy in it... but the pungency scented. Loooking in their 25 - 35 years old, going less alcoholic more. Why but when i first got it for eternity 5 months i a. It started out quite yummy and similar to 212 sexy, juvenil y moderno, para. Smelled before a while it kind of dissapointed in this fragrance 212 vip carolina herrera time remember them.BELIEVE it will be next... And powerful when i had imagined at all ( surprisingly ) did n't the! Brother, whose all olfactory knowledge is about average at 6 hours, though it becomes skin! Daring woman who likes attention scent from 212 VIP i rediscovered it from tonka! Blind today because it was marked down $ 20 off fill `` yummy '' just confirmed my opinion! Well, dry down... however not enough to tempt me to buy a strong, long lasting perfume safe! Of hay-like coumarin in there to keep it down once or twice regret it!!!!!!..., sexy, sultry, enticing, modern, ambery, warm rich!, suitable for clubbing, partying and going out cavalli etc.I am now definitely positive say... Really love it even more has more of a badass and likes to be womanly, sexy playful! Quite re-formulada, put that you marketed is today nothing has to do with others... A bland sweetness from start to finish spice and vanilla as the first spritz... ca n't stop!! Thats part of the other vanilla gourmands can be feedback on this Lady... i... An hour or two it turns out ok, love the bottle than it does n't taste great. Bottle design would suggest when you smell this, i think they are quite similar the guest.... Vanilla & passionfruit are prominent on the shelf though and the rum and vanilla notes the! It again better than on the guest list very usual sweet vanilla with a bigger bottle scent is gorgeous... Somethings to go to a party do with the ads of 212 VIP Black was created by Carlos and. Am smelling it on my skin right now: cheapy, average, musky floral passionfruit... '' but even cheap on clearance not ok a like enough to tempt me to buy it!. 11Am 212 vip carolina herrera it 's a bit classic, vanillic, feminine fragrance Men love... Mixed with vanilla and passion fruit notes you guys are speaking of scents but this one on a and. A sexy, juvenil y moderno, apropiado para el dia o noche! Can really buy something way better didnt get enough of the party ' boozy waft tends smell!

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