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He tells Minion to go and that he doesn't need him, causing their long friendship to appear irreparably lost. [13] It was first titled Master Mind, and then Oobermind. It’s clear through watching the movie that Megamind’s crimes usually involve property damage and robbery more than violence. Whenever he’s beaten by Metro Man, he washes it off right away and begins scheming another plan. Megamind (his birth name remains unknown) was born to an unnamed couple in his home planet. Minion is almost killed, but is saved when Megamind places him in the fountain. Fanpop quiz: how old is megamind - See if u can answer this MegaMind trivia question! Megamind finds Hal is easily coerced, and using a hologram of "Space Dad," trains him to become a superhero. He also tends to be quite childish, as when he throws a tantrum after accidentally slamming his hand on his news van. Megamind is the former villain and anti-hero protagonist of the DreamWorks Animation superhero comedy film of the same name. The two set off for the final battle. Megamind has a problem with mispronouncing words. He also appears in a black suit with a blue thunder sign, black cape, and black boots. Hoping to uncover any evil plans Megamind has for the city, Roxanne breaks into Megamind's lair and fights with him over a syringe gun containing the serum, which is accidentally fired and injected into Roxanne's cameraman Hal Stewart Megamind manipulates Hal into becoming a superhero named Titan under the guise of being his "space dad", but at the same time falls in love with Roxanne and begins dating her while disguised as Bernard, even sharing some of his own past (although still disguised) with her. Megamind (Will Ferrell) is a super-intelligent alien who — at only eight days old — is sent to Earth by his parents as his home planet is destroyed by a black hole. [51] A full version of the comic is also available on the Megamind website. The fact that he has Roxanne in his possession quite often and he never actually hurts her also points to this. [53], In April 2011, DreamWorks Animation's CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, commented that the studio did not have plans to produce future movie-genre parodies like Shark Tale, Monsters vs. Aliens, and Megamind, saying that these films "all shared an approach and tone and idea of parody, and did not travel well internationally. We decided to watch Megamind because we were told it was a very kid-friendly superhero film and it was! Megamind prepares to destroy the recently-opened Metro Man museum, trying to forget the city's former hero, but when he sees Roxanne wandering inside, he takes on the holographic disguise of Bernard, the museum curator (temporarily dehydrating the real Bernard into a small cube). As a baby, he wore a dark blue onepiece with a light blue bolt on it until he grew older and had to wear a neon orange prison jumpsuit like the other inmates. Confused and shocked about this inconsistency, Megamind convinces Roxanne to search for clues about his weaknesses in Metro Man's old hideout-which turns out to be the school where both Metro Man and Megamind went as children. Megamind manages to escape, and Titan begins terrorizing the city. It focused upon the villain Megamind (Will Ferrell) instead of the hero. Megamind is forced to grow up with criminals, who taught him to view cops as the bad guys and prisoners as the good ones (via flash cards). We don't have anything like that coming on our schedule now. Hal takes the name "Tighten," misunderstanding Megamind's suggested "Titan." Disgusted, Megamind provokes Tighten by revealing he is both the "space dad" and Bernard. [52], Ape Entertainment released under its Kizoic label five full-color comic books based on the film. Roxanne accepts Megamind. high-collared black cape with spikes on the shoulder pads,, MegaMind, incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy, Daddy (himself), Intellectual Dweeb, Little Blue Twerp (Hal Stewart), Defender of Metro City (Metro City citizens). Megamind decides he is deeply satisfied with his new role as the hero and Roxanne's beau, as a disguised Metro Man silently congratulates him. Heartbroken, Megamind follows through with his plan to fight Tighten. [27] The film made a total of $75 million in DVD and Blu-ray sales. Tier: Likely 10-B | High 8-C, Low 7-Bwith the Death Ray Name:Unknown, supervillain/hero alias "Megamind" Origin: Megamind Gender:Male Age:Unknown, likely around his 30s or 40s Classification:Alien, supervillain (formerly), superhero Powers and abilities: Attack Potency: Likely Human level (He is constantly shown to be hurt by normal human means, suggesting he has no other superpowers besides his intelligence) | Large Building level+ (His giant robot was somewhat capable o… "Will Ferrell channels Brando in 'Megamind'? [5][17] Lara Breay and Denise Nolan Cascino were the film's producers, and Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfeld were the executive producers. In July 2014, the film's distribution rights were purchased by DreamWorks Animation from Paramount Pictures and transferred to 20th Century Fox;[32] the rights are now owned by Universal Pictures. Frustrated, Megamind claims that he doesn't want to be the bad guy anymore. The infant Metro Man blew a raspberry at Megamind after the latter got out of an asteroid belt his pod got trapped in. How old/what grade are Megamind and Metro Man in the school scene of the movie? Megamind finds himself attracted to Roxanne, and from her, gets the idea of creating a new hero to fight. Megamind is a fictional character from the movie megamind. - swali and answer in the MegaMind club He dedicated many years to be a proper rival to the super-powered hero, Metro Man. Roxanne inadvertently inspires him to create a new superhero to fight, which he does using a serum of Metro Man's DNA. Will Ferrell was 42 in Megamind when he played the character 'Megamind (voice)'.. That was over 10 years ago in 2010. He seems to realize he is pronouncing school incorrectly when he is disguised as Bernard and stops himself from calling it shool. Eight days after Megamind's birth, the planet was detroyed by a black hole but he was able to survive thanks to his parents, who packed him in a escape pod with Minion and his binky and sent him off the planet. Bad! In Megamind, I think Brad Pitt looks: Older than 45 About 45 Younger than 45 I haven't seen it I think he's in his late teens or early 20s. Megamind soon begins having second thoughts about being a villain, finding more enjoyment pursuing a relationship with Roxanne. So, after careful consideration of all these things, I placed Megamind at age thirty-five, summer of 2010 (since a reference scene of a calendar in the film has events taking place in June). Brad Pitt was 45 in Megamind when he played the character 'Metro Man (voice)'.. That was over 10 years ago in 2010. With that, Megamind and Metro Man's "glorious rivalry" was born. Directed by Tom McGrath. "Megamind asks the great superhero question: what if Lex Luthor killed Superman? The film tells the story of a super-intelligent alien supervillain, Megamind, who after a long-lasting battle one day actually destroys his foe, the much-loved superhero Metro Man. Feeling responsible, Megamind turns himself in to the authorities and is imprisoned, while Roxanne tries to appeal to Titan directly, but instead ends up captured and tied to the top of the network tower of Metro City. Megamind and Minion were the last of their kind to survive. It features the voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and Brad Pitt. Today he is 57, and has starred in 78 movies in total, 21 since Megamind was released.. How old do you think he looks in the movie? Megamind crash lands in the Prison for the Criminally Gifted at Metro City due to Metro Man's pod knocking his own away from the Scott Manor. He takes Metro Man's white cape with him after finding his secret hideout and is seen wearing it at the end of the movie. Hal ends up in Megamind's former prison cell, while Megamind is embraced by Metro City as its new defender. Megamind is an alien refugee from the Glaupunk Quadrant, a reformed super-villain, and the current Defender of Metro City. As his former self Hal, he tends to be somewhat civil and sophisticated towards Roxanne, having a secret crush on her and would try to woo her, though she feels uncomfortable by his attempts.

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